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Join hosts Sean and Melanie on their weekly journey into the captivating and supernatural world of the cult classic TV show, ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” In ”The Sunnydale Diaries”, these two friends come together from opposite ends of the Buffyverse, resulting in an entertaining and thought-provoking podcast that delves into the show’s themes, characters, and episodes. On one side of the debate, you have Sean, the seasoned viewer and die-hard Buffy aficionado. His love for the show runs so deep that he’s proudly inked an iconic episode quote on his arm, a testament to the enduring influence of this 90’s gem. Sean’s passion for Buffy is infectious, and his encyclopedic knowledge of the series adds depth to each episode as he navigates the highs, lows, and iconic moments that have kept fans enchanted for decades. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Melanie, the uninitiated skeptic who’s never seen an episode of ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” With a steadfast belief that it’s a cheesy 90’s relic that can’t possibly withstand the test of time, she brings a fresh, modern perspective to the conversation. Melanie’s skepticism is often met with disbelief and amusement by Sean, as she questions whether Buffy can truly deliver on the hype that has surrounded it for so many years. Together, Sean and Melanie dissect the general themes and overarching plotlines of the show, exploring its cultural significance, strong character development, and feminist undertones. They dive into the individual episodes, examining the monsters of the week, character dynamics, and how well the show has aged (or hasn’t) in the 21st century. But ”The Sunnydale Diaries” isn’t just a serious analysis of the show. Sean and Melanie’s chemistry and friendship shine through in their humorous, tangential chit-chat. Their witty banter and playful disagreements make each episode of the podcast feel like a lively conversation between two friends catching up over coffee (or, perhaps, a stake and garlic-infused latte). Whether you’re a lifelong Buffy fan, a curious newbie, or simply looking for an engaging and hilarious discussion about a beloved TV classic, ”The Sunnydale Diaries” has something for everyone. Join Sean and Melanie on this supernatural journey as they slay their way through the Buffyverse, one episode at a time.

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5 days ago

Melanie and Sean remember the times that they've been hospitalized, including how a back massager recently sent Melanie to the ER and a waterslide led to a concussion. Sean recounts his ambulance ride after an unfortunate bowling injury and a potential anesthesia overdose as a child.
While diagnosing the Buffy episode "Killed by Death", Sean provides a connection between Der Kinderstod and the recent Halloween movies.  Melanie has some strong opinions about Der Kinderstod's eye stalks (and the recycling of the related stop animation footage.)  
Do you have a spooky hospital story to share? Send it to us at! 

Wednesday Jun 05, 2024

Melanie and Sean open this episode by discussing stalking, their experience with it, and portrayal of stalking in movies and TV (remember Fatal Attraction and Single White Female?)
After a brief tangent regarding the unusual late 90s soap opera "Passions" they focus on the Buffy episode "Passion". Melanie points out how hypocritical Joyce is being towards Buffy and questions the legality of Willow teaching her fellow students. Sean drops a bit of knowledge connecting a song from Ed Sheeran's X album to the music in this episode and we say farewell to a recurring character.
Our Diorama Derby deadline has been extended! You now have until June 30, 2024 to make your Buffy season 1 or 2 diorama and send a pic of it to

Friday May 31, 2024

In the second episode of our snack tasting series (named Scooby Snacks!) we try Animal Crackers. Inspired by Oz and Willow's conversation at the end of the Buffy episode "What's My Line Part 2", we try the classic animal cracker and frosted ones!
There's also a video version of us doing this tasting on Youtube!

Tuesday May 28, 2024

Sean and Melanie share their views on Valentine's Day as well as some memorable Valentine's day experiences .Hear when Sean got friend-zoned on Valentine's Day and when a flower delivery put Melanie in an awkward situation!
While Cupid's arrows fly, Melanie and Sean discuss the Buffy episode "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered." There's slow motion strutting, angry mobs, people turning into rats, a lovestruck Joyce, and a scavenger hunt!

Monday May 20, 2024

Sean and Melanie dig into this episode, dealing with werewolves, by discussing their past and present pet dogs! Melanie shares her husband's future plans for having a pack of dogs and Sean reveals the one thing that Melanie's dogs do with him that they don't do with her. 
Unleashing their thoughts regarding the Buffy episode "Phases", Melanie is enamored with the opening scene and the throwback to Season 1. This episode's snack discussion centers around the weird marshmallow filling in Moon Pies and Peeps (gross.) Sean compares the locker room scene between Larry and Xander to a scene from Glee and Melanie questions the sudden bond between Cordelia and Willow. 
Check out our social media accounts (@thesunnydalediaries) for pictures of our dogs. We want to see pictures of your pets, especially your pets named after Buffy characters! Send them to or post them on our Facebook or Instagram. 

Monday May 13, 2024

Melanie and Sean look back at the first half of Season 2 - comparing it to the first season, and how the show has progressed. While discussion the newer characters in this season, they go off on a brief tangent to discuss Danny Strong (who plays Jonathan) and his current screenwriting career and accolades, including several Emmys!
Navigating the aftermath of betrayal in the Buffy episode "Innocence", Sean wonders what was actually being produced in the factory that has become Spike and Drusilla's lair. Melanie questions the career of the random woman in the alley that approaches Angel (and how Angel can smoke when he has no breath??) Sean and Melanie also express appreciation of Willow and Oz's emotional maturity. 
There's a few conventions upcoming this summer with several Buffy actors that Sean and Melanie plan on attending - Tampa Bay Comic Convention, FanBoy Expo (in Orlando) and Dragon Con. If you're also attending, keep an eye out for your 2 favorite podcast co-hosts!

Sunday May 12, 2024

In their first full video episode, Sean and Melanie interviewed Georgia (@scrapthecatwalk) who was a background actor in the first few episodes of Buffy! Hear what it was like walking down the halls of Sunnydale High, dancing at the Bronze, and having lunch with James Marsters. Georgia also made one of the prizes that will be given away in the Diorama Derby! Time is running out to enter - see for more info and submit your entry before June 1st, 2024! 

Monday Apr 29, 2024

Sean and Melanie open this episode discussing their experiences with surprise parties - how difficult it is to keep them secret and when each of them have been surprised in the past. Sean recounts the interesting theme for his 30th birthday party and Melanie describes what she did to make her 40th birthday party unique (hint - it involves a bounce house.)
Amidst the balloons and streamers, Melanie and Sean analyze the Buffy episode "Surprise", including a review of the varied filmography of Vincent Schiavelli, who played Jenny's uncle. Along with providing the Judge his very own theme song, Melanie points out where we've seen the actor who plays him before and Sean highlights how suspicious Jenny is being in this episode. 
For our birthday, we'd love it if you can leave us a rating or review of the podcast, and send us your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas to!

Monday Apr 22, 2024

Sean and Melanie tackle a very controversial topic - eggs! They divulge their go-to egg orders, discuss eggs in cinema, and reveal their opinions on caviar. There's also conversation about sex-ed classes and hearing the dreaded phrase in school "Choose a partner" and the anxiety that follows. 
Eggsploring the details of the Buffy episode "Bad Eggs", they review the events  occurring at the Sunnydale Mall and discuss their favorite mall food court foods. Sean recalls the store in the mall where he first heard his favorite band while  Melanie can't get enough of Lyle and Tector Gorch and their authentic Texan accents. Joyce continues her campaign for worst mother ever. 
If you haven't heard about our diorama contest, be sure to stick around until the end of this episode for the details! Or visit

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Mark the date - Melanie stated "This episode's amazing!"
Sean and Melanie begin this one by discussing their experiences with single parents dating, since they both are children of separated parents - hear how they dealt with meeting the significant others of each of their fathers.
In the circuit of conversation surrounding the Buffy episode "Ted", Melanie provides an OUTSTANDING rendition of Captain and Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together" and they recall watching Three's Company in their younger days. Sean reveals his theory of what causes a stake to either dissolve into ash or stay whole and highlights the inaccuracies of Joyce attempting to take Ted's pulse after his tumble. Melanie comments on the unfortunate victim shaming that occurs at the police station, and there's a lot of Joyce-bashing (she's pretty horrible to Buffy in this episode.) 
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